The Error Fare Ebook

The Error Fare Ebook


If you have been following our posts on for some time you might have noticed the capital letters in front of some of them saying “ERROR FARE”.

Even though the word “error” may sound a bit frightening there is nothing wrong with you as a passenger buying and using this ticket.

Check this out: this is a normal fare, with a 1.007 € price

error fare sample before


And this is what happens when an error occur: price dropped to 633 €

error fare after


But what is this error fare?

Let’s take a look.

Simply put an error fare is a price for a flight which is considerably (up to 70%) lower than the normal price for this destination and it has not appeared because of a sale or some special promotion.

An error fare is a mistake that may occur due to the following reasons:

1. The fuel dump – when the fuel surcharge is missed in the final calculation of the flight price

2. The mistake of the code-chief – when one airline company gives a wrong fare for the flights operated by another airline company.

Both companies must have the agreement of cooperation.

3. Human factor – a human mistake where an operator puts the wrong numbers into the system.

In our ebook you will learn HOW to find those error fares and what to do (and don’t do!) and how to book flights when you find them.

It’s not an easy task, but you could SAVE UP TO 70% on flights.

Plus you’ll find links to USEFUL SITES (known only to the most avid travelers) for a value of more than 100 $

Due to the CONFIDENTIAL material included in the ebook it will be available FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY.

This purchase – 14,99 $ for a limited time – could let you SAVE HUNDREDS in your upcoming travels.

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