Return flights from Zurich to South East Asia with Singapore Airlines from 379€ (441USD – 332GBP)!


We’ve found cheap return flights from Zurich to South East Asia from 379€ (441USD – 332GBP)!

The possible routes are:

Zurich – Phuket- Zurich
Zurich – Bangkok- Zurich
Zurich – Chiang Mai – Zurich
Zurich – Koh Samui – Zurich
Zurich – Langkawi- Zurich
Zurich – Kuala Lumpur- Zurich
Zurich – Singapore- Zurich
Zurich – Yangon- Zurich
Zurich – Boracay – Zurich
Zurich – Cebu – Zurich
Zurich – Davao – Zurich
Zurich – Denpasar – Zurich

Search for your travel dates in November 2017 – September 2018.

One cabin bag and one piece of checked in baggage per passenger are included in the price.

Here are some example dates for you:

Nov 21-29

Dec 4-11

Mar 15-26

Screen Shot 2017-11-03 at 7.15.46

You can book your flights here.

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