Jetairfly’s flights offers for Valentine’s day

Are you searching for a great gift for Valentine’s day? Jetairfly is offering cheap flights for a wide range of destinations worldwide, and gift vouchers that would be a great gift 😉

Nice from 39,99
Toulon from 39,99
Malaga from 49,99
Alicante from 49,99
Ibiza from 49,99
Majorca from 49,99
Gran Canaria from 59,99
Murcia from 59,99
Ohrid from 59,99
Istanbul from 59,99
Athens from 69,99
Rabat from 69,99
Olbia from 79,99
Marrakech from 79,99
Tel Aviv from 79,99
Tenerife from 89,99
Mombasa from 249,99
Varadero from 249,99

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