Holidays in New York: How to enjoy the Big Apple without breaking the bank


New York is a notoriously expensive city; just a visit to the Empire State Building followed by a drink in one of the amazing rooftop bars and you are quickly seeing your dollars dwindle. You might wonder: is it possible to come to New York, and have a great time without having to spend a fortune? We’re happy to tell you that, yes, it absolutely is!

The New York Parks


For cheap, fun and interesting activities, head to one of New York’s many Parks. Not just beautiful places to get some peace and quiet, many New York events are organised in theParks throughout the year. Amongst others you can check out the bustling Central Park or head to Brooklyn Bridge Park, where you can take pictures of one of the best views of the city. Bryant Park offers many summer activities and an Ice Rink and Christmas Market in the winter months.

Selfie with Lady Liberty


Even a visit to some of New York’s famous monuments needn’t be expensive. A good option for those avid sightseers looking to save money is to buy one of the discount passes for in New York , but there are also some things that you can do for free. For example, if the Statue of Liberty is on your itinerary, you can take the free ferry to Staten Island which goes past the iconic monument. You can get your pictures of the most famous woman in America from the water. Or, how about a visit to the largest station in the world? Grand Central Station is magnificent, see the clock with its four faces, the starry ceiling and the Tiffany glass facade, Grand Central is definitely worth a visit.

Unknown neighbourhoods


One of the reasons that New York is such a great city is its diversity, the myriad of different boroughs and neighbourhoods are what make this city so special. For this reason, another free activity is to take walks in the relatively unknown districts and neighbourhoods of New York.
Like Greenwich Village where you can find Washington Square Park and the statue of Garibaldi. Or Williamsburg in Brooklyn brimming with galleries and little boutiques.
Safe travels, we hope you have the time of your life in the city that never sleeps!

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