From Europe To Melbourne/Sydney, Australia For Only 495 Return


Double open-jaw flightsfrom Istanbul, Turkey to Melbourne, Australia, then returning from Sydney to Zurich, Switzerland for only 495 with Qatar Airways.

Departure is from:
Istanbul, Turkey

Arriving in:
Melbourne, Australia//Sydney, Australia

And returning from:
Zurich, Switzerland

In the following dates:

Availability from April to May 2016
Some example dates are:

4th-18th Apr
6th-18th Apr
24th Apr – 7th May
25th Apr – 7th May
25th Apr – 9th May
27th Apr – 9th May
27th Apr – 11th May
28th Apr – 11th May
1st-14th May
2nd-14th May
2nd-16th May
4th-16th May
4th-18th May
5th-18th May
16th-30th May
18th-30th May
and more…

Flights stops in

Qatar Airways

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