Error fare: roundtrip flights from Porto to Brazil from 219 EUR!

error fare brasil

It’s back!

Watch out travelers, we’ve found another great error fare: roundtrip flights from Porto to Sau Paulo (Brazil) from 218 €

Our sample flight is from 7th to 19th November, but many other dates are available so click on our sample booking and search.

Some dates we’ve found are:

4 – 16 October
6 -16 October
12 -24 October
7 – 19 November
14 -26 November
15 – 29 November

Remember that Porto is well connected among Europe thanks to many low cost carriers, and that from Sau Paulo a wide range of low cost flighs are available (a roundtrip flight to Rio De Janeiro is about 30 €)

error fare flight 2016 porto brasil

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