Cheap return flight from Bali and Jakarta, Indonesia to Rome, Italy just 290 GBP / 390 EUR

A great time for a great deal!  The beautiful beaches of Indonesia are calling, and if you book a flight out of Jakarta back to Rome, you can catch a deal for only  290 GBP / 390 €. Cannot be beat but act quickly. 

Indonesia offers more than just amazing beauty on the sand. Surfing, Scuba diving, and more! 

Some example dates are from March 9 – 23, April 20 to May 4, June 10 to 24th…So choose you own perfect time and book through KLM, Alitalia, or Etihad Airlines.

Outbound flight: from Rome to Denpasar (Bali)
Return flight: from Jakarta (Java) to Rome

Available dates:

9th-23rd Mar
8th-22nd Apr
20th Apr – 4th May
6th-16th May
14th-24th May
26th May – 9th Jun
4th-14th Jun

10th-24th Jun

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