Cheap flights to New York, Chicago, and Florida, USA starting from just 209 EUR (167 GBP)!

Cheap open-jaw flights from Europe to USA destinations of New York, Chicago and Florida are just 209 EUR (167 GBP) through a  promotional offer from British Airways (and their partners American Airlines and US Airways).
An open-jaw flight means you fly out of one airport, and fly back home from another, sometimes with connecting flights in-between which make for much lower fares. If you don’t mind some extra waiting time, you can use the time to see more places than you could have on a one-way flight. Seasoned travelers love the deals open-jaws offer. The offers run now until June 2015, so take a look for yourself and plan a great getaway today!
Some examples are Oslo – New York and Chicago – Germany (Berlin) vis London for just 209 EUR,
Stockholm – New York and Ft. Lauderdale (FL) – Bergen (vis London) for just 261 EUR
Stockholm – New York and Orlando (FL) – UK from just 238 EUR.
Booking has to be made on Here is a sample booking and a screenshot. Enjoy!

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