Cheap flights to Johannesburg, Bangkok, Tokyo and Jakarta!

Cheap flights are being offered from Etihad Airways taking you to locations such as Johannesburg starting at 471 EUR, to Tokyo for only 495 EUR, to Bangkok starting at 485 EUR, and to Jakarta at only 530 EUR!
Johannesburg has some of the most beautiful sites to see in the world, and it’s a no-miss destination for travelers looking for culture.
Tokyo, with amazing city life, country views that are unlike any other, and cuisine that is copied and beloved world-wide, needs no introduction, just make plans during this amazing deal to get there!
Jarkarta, Indonesia is also an amazing destination! Nothing quite compares to its beauty, the food and the people invite you to enjoy their way of life with them. No shortage of things to see and do.
These deals run from March 3 until December of 2015, giving you plenty of room for planning your perfect trip! The flights leave out of Germany (Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Munich, and Stuttgart, and include Business-Class deals as well as Coach travel.

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