Cheap Flights from Jetairfly, starting at 29,99 one way

Jetairfly is offering lots of low cost flights to a bunch of interesting destination in Europe and Carribean from various european airports served by the company.

Majorca from 29,99
Istanbul from 39,99
Toulon from 49,99
Murcia from 49,99
Lourdes from 49,99
Ibiza from 49,99
Athens from 49,99
Alicante from 49,99
Malaga from 49,99
Tenerife from 59,99
Ohrid from 59,99
Gran Canaria from 69,99
Marrakech from 78,99
Azores from 79,99
Punta Cana from 149,99
Cancun from 199,99
Montego Bay from 199,99
Santo Domingo from 199,99

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