Cheap flights from Helsinki (Finland) or Madrid (SPain) to Toronto Canada for only 266 GBP (379 USD) return


We’ve found some very cheap flights from Helsinki or Madrid to Toronto for only 266 GBP (379 USD) return with Scandinavian Airlines, Air Canada, Deutsche Lufthansa.

Available dates are from 10 May to 18 May. We’ve found some example dates but others could be available

Some example dates are:

From Helsinki to Toronto

7th-15th Apr
10th-18th Apr
19th-27th Apr
10th-18th May
13th-21st Sep
19th-27th Sep
28th Sep – 6th Oct
4th-12th Oct
16th-24th Oct
25th Oct – 2nd Nov
9th-17th Nov
12th-20th Nov
15th-23rd Nov
30th Nov – 8th Dec

From Madrid to Toronto:

10th-18th May
28th May – 5th Jun
6th-14th Jun
9th-17th Jun
15th-23rd Jun
7th-15th Sep
22nd-30th Sep
4th-12th Oct
19th-27th Oct
6th-14th Nov
27th Nov – 5th Dec

Volo da helsinki

volo da Madrid

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