Cheap flight from Paris, France to Langkawi, Malaysia from only 345 GBP return flight!

 CHEAP flights from Paris to Langkawi, Malaysia from just 345 GBP return!

There are some great departing dates from Paris, France to the beautiful island of Langkawi in Malaysia! So much to see and do!Pristine beaches and fun in the ocean are just the start, and the amazing cuisine and nightlife insures a fantastic stay.

From February to July of 2015, these are only some of the dates available through Qatar and Malaysia Airlines, so start planning!

24th Feb – 3rd Mar
26th Feb – 5th Mar
2nd-9th Mar
10th-17th Mar
21st-28th Apr
29th Apr – 6th May
13th-20th May
27th May – 3rd Jun
2nd-9th Jun
16th-23rd Jun
24th Jun – 1st Jul

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